iWork Version 5.3 in Mavericks (OS 10.9.x)

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iWork on your Mavericks machine is different that iWork on the other machines.
iWork in Mavericks (Pages, Keynote, Numbers) autosaves. There is no longer a “Save As…” option. If you want to open an existing document and edit a copy with a different name, use File… Duplicate. It’ll create a duplicate copy for you to work on. When you quit, it’ll prompt you to save.

If you have iWork 09 and iWork Mavericks on a computer, it’ll open all files (even those created and saved as iWork 09 files) with the Mavericks version.

If you create a Pages document on an iPad, it will only open in the Mavericks version of iWork. If students are exporting their iPad Pages or Keynote files to their cloud to work on later from a computer, they should select Word when they send the file to WebDAV.

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